218 Cu Ft Helium Tank

218 Cu Ft Helium Tank

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Call us for your event to help pick the right sized Cylinders

We will also provide you with the quick-connect inflator needed to inflate the balloons.

To help you calculate which tank is best suited for your event, we inflate our latex balloons to approximately 11”, this will guarantee them staying up for a minimum of 12-18hrs depending on the temperature of the room. Don’t be misled into thinking that they will stay up for days! If you do want your latex balloons to stay up for days then we do sell a product that will do this, just give us a call and we can talk you through it.

You can also inflate foil balloons for that wow factor at a function by just attaching a different quick-connect inflator to your tank, these again will come with the tank that you hire from us.

We also can provide you with the cylinder trolleys if you need to carry the tanks a long distance, as well as the latex or foil balloons and ribbons and weights.

Just a few pointers to remember when you are using helium gas:

  1. Helium gas is not poisonous, but be advised that it is not recommended for human consumption.
  2. Always inflate balloons away from you.
  3. Always use cylinders in an upright position, cylinder trolleys are recommended when using gas cylinders to make transporting easier, and as a firm support when inflating.
  4. When removing the gas valve from the cylinder, first turn off the valve, then release excess gas from the valve, before taking it off.
  5. When transporting cylinders in a vehicle, turn the cylinder valve completely off with the gas valve unattached.
  6. Finally, do not leave the cylinders out in the sun for a long period of time.

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